The EZToken Exchange is currently a private internal exchange to support the buying and selling of EZToken. Investors can buy EZToken using BTC or ETH, and sell EZToken for BTC or ETH.

What does the future hold?

EZToken Exchange

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What is EZToken (EZT)?

EZToken is an ERC20 token hosted on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

It is the reward currency for our blockchain loyalty program: EZToken Rewards.

Ezpos Holding Pte. Ltd created 50 million EZToken and ran a four-round ICO in January 2018, selling 11.5m EZToken to raise over US$10m.

EZToken is listed on Cryptopia, Qryptos and EZToken’s own private exchange, EZToken Exchange.

What is

EZToken Rewards is a global rewards program which rewards members with EZToken for transacting with participating retailers.

Ezpos Holdings have over 12,000 retailers in 19 countries currently using their Ezpos Point of Sale system, and they are busy recruiting those retailers to participate in EZToken Rewards. When a customer joins the program and transacts with a retailer, EZToken are purchased directly from an exchange and deposited in the member’s wallet. Thus the program will generate significant demand for EZToken.

The Vision

The vision for the EZToken Exchange is to launch it as a public exchange by July, starting in Australia. It will then be expanded to support a much wider range of cryptocurrencies and tokens, plus fiat currency transactions.

In the future, members will also be able to redeem other cryptocurrencies for discounts on a transaction with a retailer.

EZToken will play a central role in mainstreaming cryptocurrency adoption, by developing a large reward program base which acts as a middle layer allowing for easy and rapid cryptocurrency transactions.

EZToken is backed by a reputable and established company, making this crypto token a must on the serious investor’s radar.