The crypto equivalent to skymiles

Using Crypto-Currency to Power a Universal Loyalty Community Easily launch Customer Loyalty programs using an open blockchain-based Loyalty Platform to acquire and engage more customers



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EZ Marketing and Loyalty Platform - on a blockchain network

We are building a Universal Loyalty platform based on blockchain technology for the merchant community, allowing them to receive a secure, cost-effective and friction-less Point-of-Sales system to engage customers and grow their revenue

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Ez Marketing and Loyalty Platform

Creating business opportunities to acquire and engage loyal customers


A crypto-currency empowering Customer Loyalty Services


A secure medium for storing, transferring and spending of digital assets

Customer Loyalty Apps

A customer-oriented design mobile app to replace the standard Loyalty Card

Marketplace web portal

For universal gifts redemption and customer marketing services

"There are over $500B worth of loyalty points in circulation worldwide. This is a massive industry and EZToken has the opportunity to capture much of that value"

Charles Ehredt - EzPOS Advisor - CEO of Currency Alliance


Payment Gateway

Exploring a new way of payment with multiple currencies

Universal Customer Loyalty Services

Saving and spending anywhere

Marketing Services

Engage customers in a meaningful way through a streamlined communications channel

The EZToken Eco System

ICO Roadmap

1st - 7th Jan, 2018

ICO - 1st Round

$0.85 per EZT - limited to the next 1 Million tokens

8th - 11th Jan

2nd Round

$1 per EZT - limited to the next 3 Million tokens

$1.2 per EZT - limited to the next 5 Million tokens

22th Jan

Internal Exchange

1st Mar

Public Exchange

6th Mar

Bonus Distribution

12th Jan - 21st Jan

3rd Round

1st - 7th Jan, 2018

ICO - 1st Round

$0.85 per EZT - limited to the next 1 Million tokens

8th - 11th Jan

2nd Round

$1 per EZT - limited to the next 3 Million tokens

12th Jan - 21st Jan

3rd Round

$1.2 per EZT - limited to the next 5 Million tokens

22th Jan

Internal Exchange

1st Mar

Public Exchange

6th Mar

Bonus Distribution

Product Roadmap

Jan 2018

EZToken’s Proof of concept

Feb 2018

Customer Loyalty Platform pilot

Mar 2018

eWallet application launching

Q2 2018

Rewards Web Portal launching

End Q2 2018

Loyalty Platform expanding to 10,000 merchants and 2,000,000 users

Q3 2018

Marketing services launching with advanced analytic

End Q3 2018

Accelerate acquisition in Vietnam: 15,000 merchants, and 10,000,000 users

End 2018

Reach up to 30,000 merchants 20,000,000 users across the region

2019 - 2020

Global expansion strategy to reach 100,000 merchants

Token Distribution

Token Sale

10,000,000 out of 50,000,000 tokens (or 20%) is for crowd sale event


1,500,000 out of 50,000,000 tokens (or 3%) is reserved for bonus and bounties of crowd sale


3,500,000 out of 50,000,000 tokens (or 7%) is reserved for founders (lock-in for 6 months)


The remaining 35,000,000 out of 50,000,000 tokens (or 70%) is reserved for loyalty services being supplied at the maximum issue rate of 10% annually

Total supply

50,000,000 EZT

Target Funding


If the target $5 million is exceeded, we will provide regulating mechanisms for EZT against market fluctuation under $1.2 per token over the period of one year

ICO Details

Token Sale

10,000,000 EZT

Pre-ICO (finished)

Dec 07 to 31, 2017: $0.6 per EZT - limited to the first 1 Million tokens.

Round 1 (finished)

Jan 01 to 7, 2018: $0.85 per EZT - limited to the next 1 Million tokens.

Round 2 (finished)

Jan 08 to 11, 2018: $1 per EZT - limited to the next 3 Million tokens.

Round 3 (finished)

Jan 12 to Jan 21, 2018: $1.2 per EZT - limited to the next 5 Million tokens


50 EZT

Accepted currency



1M tokens


1M tokens


3M tokens


5M tokens



Round 1


Round 2


Round 3



For ICO Participants

Bonus 5 tokens for all investors who registered an account in the ICO website
Bonus 5% for all investors who invest in the ICO period (excl. pre-ICO)

For Referrers

Bonus 5% for referrer of the referee's token transactions (apply for investor minimum 100 EZT)

For Big Investors

Bonus 5% for investors who invest more than 10,000 EZT
Bonus 10% for investors who invest more than 20,000 EZT


About Us

EZ Solution JSC was founded in 2011, with a mission to push the boundaries of retail technology. In many ways, Vietnam provided the perfect testing ground for the cutting edge of retail tech.
Unlike the major chains that dominate in the west, the Vietnamese market is characterised by a swarm of independent retailers.

In the days of clunky, expensive technologies with extenuated implementation needs, this priced most Vietnamese merchants out of the market.
EZ Solution JSC led the charge towards faster, lighter-weight digital solutions, which deliver more for businesses, while demanding a fraction of the investment to get up and running.
The business has now seen a 50% growth in revenue year-on-year since launch, and has remained profitable for the last 12 months. Our flagship product is EZPOS, the cloud-based point of sale system, and we also operate two major retail software packages, Maybanhang and Maytinhtien.
Our digital retail ecosystem now serves over 10,000 merchants and millions of local and foreign customers across Vietnam, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Commended for user-friendly, customer-first design, our cloud-based software has twice been awarded the Best Technology prize by Vietnamese Technology Alliance.

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Meet The Team

Hoa Nguyen

CEO of EZ Solution

CEO of EZ Solution, graduate from Ecole Polytechnique France with more than 10 years of experience in tech Startups. He led the development and provided the core trading system for Kim Long Securities - biggest Vietnamese online trading system; cofounder of REVER - online Real Estate trading Platform.

Tuan Hua

Product Manager of EZ Solution

Product Manager of EZ Solution, graduated from Polytechnique Institute of Hanoi, Vietnam. Ex Product leader for the Kim Long Securities trading platform, he has 10 years expertize in building large scale, high frequency stock trading system with millions of transactions matching per week. He is now in charge of the product department which has 10 experienced staffs.

Laurent Nguyen Dr.

CSO of EZ Solution

CSO of EZ Solution, graduate from Ecole Polytechnique France - PhD Degree. Data Scientist Manager at EY Paris France, he has more than 10 years of experiences in data consulting services for big international corporates. His role is to help EZ Solution to build a better data-driven business strategy.

Duong Doan

CTO of EZ Solution

CTO of EZ Solution, graduated from University of Sydney, Australia, once rewarded by the international mathematical contest (IMO). More than 10 years of experience as project director who led the management and building of mission-critical platforms as project director for FPT Software, he is now building Machine Learning and AI technologies underlying the POS system. He leads the engineering department with 30 experienced developers.

Van Nguyen

Business Development Director

Graduated at The University of Queensland, Australia. 10 years experience in Business Management and Development for foreign companies such as Chemist Warehouse, Chemmart Pharmacy, Bakehouse Group and EZPOS Holding.


Biz Dev Manager

Business development manager of EZ Solution, graduate from Queensland University of Technology. Has over 5 years of financial consultation services, where he was employed by the largest financial institution in Australia.

Vu Trinh

Lead Backend Developer

Graduated in Computer Science from the University of Transport and Communications.
Many years of experiences as developer at Nam Viet Software Solutions and Services. He participated in building the Core Stock Exchange System for Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX).

Nam Nguyen

Lead Mobile Developer

Graduated as high quality IT engineer from the Da Nang University of Technology.
8 years of experiences in mobile programming. He developed many mobile application with high number of downloads for technology companies such as Hai Viet Jsc, IDD Jsc, Posome Ltd.

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Meet Our Trusted Advisors

Soheil Mirpour

Soheil Mirpour is the Senior Vice President for Investments at Rocket Internet and a Senior Director at the firm’s investment-arm Global Founders Capital. He leads the firm’s Private Equity and Growth Investing, incl. Operational Co-Investments alongside PE funds. Previously, he worked in Private Equity at Kohlberg Kravis Roberts and in Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley. He mainly involves in providing investment strategy advisory for international expanding of EZPOS.

Charles Ehredt

CEO of Currency Alliance, Loyalty system advisor and business partner. Over the past 30 years, he has started 12 companies and invested in 23 as a Business Angel investor. Prior to founding Currency Alliance, Chuck was Group Director of Innovation and New Ventures at eDreams ODIGEO.

Long Le Dinh

Executive Director, Chairman of the Board of Spark Center Vietnam; former Vice-Executive Chairman of TPBank; Board Member, General Director of Hong Leong Bank Vietnam; COO of Thien Viet Securities Firm; Deputy CEO of the State Capital Investment Corporation (SCIC) of Vietnam; General Director of VIB Bank. His role is investment, banking and financial services, business advisor.

Duc Tran

MBA, CPA, General Partner for IDG Ventures Vietnam. Having a long career and great experience in Venture Capital, he undertakes due diligence, fundraising and participating in strategic and business decisions of the company.

Richard Scott

Managing Director of Catalyst Partnerships a business development and start-up consultancy in the UK. Richard has extensive experience in commercial strategy, launching of new start-up business ventures, and driving incremental revenues to business, specialising in the tech and loyalty sector.


What is EZToken and why should I care?

EZToken is a new crypto currency based on Ethereum/ERC20 blockchain standard. It works in a similar way compared to Bitcoin or Ether.
EZToken is used as an exclusive medium of exchange on the EZ Marketing and Loyalty Platform which replaces and enhances the traditional Customer Loyatly Card. EZToken will change completely customer's perception about Loyalty services.

What are the key applications of EZToken?

EZToken replaces the Loyalty Point. Customers earn EZToken as a Loyalty points reward from Merchants and can redeem for gifts from any participating Merchants. EZToken can be transferred or exchanged against fiat currency on the universal coin trading market.
EZToken allows merchants to offer coupon, e-voucher, gift card or launching promotion campaign through our platform.

What is the difference between EZToken and Ethereum (ETH)?

EZToken is specifically developed for transactions and commercial applications. That's why EZToken is being developed to build smart-contract modules to maximize the computing efficiency required for completing transactions on a timely basis. The existing general-use Ethereum are not designed for those purposes.

What can EZToken do?

Like any other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), EZToken is a digital asset that can be staked, peer to peer transferred or traded in major coins trading platform ur first step is to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize the Customer Loyalty Services.

What is the background company behind EZToken?

EZToken is being developed with the blockchain technology by a world-class team from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain and UK. EZ Solution is a strong established business structure with 6 years' experiences, 130 employees across 8 offices in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. We are providing 3 different product line cloud-based Point-Of-Sales solution for more than 10,000 stores, with 4.5 millions of transactions per month and more than USD 1 billion per year.

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