1.What is EZToken and why should I care?

EZToken is a new crypto currency based on Ethereum/ERC20 blockchain standard. It works in a similar way compared to Bitcoin or Ether.

EZToken is used as an exclusive medium of exchange on the EZ Marketing and Loyalty Platform which replaces and enhances the traditional Customer Loyatly Card. EZToken will change completely customer’s perception about Loyalty services.

2.What are the key applications of EZToken?

EZToken replaces the Loyalty Point. Customers earn EZToken as a Loyalty points reward from Merchants and can redeem for gifts from any participating Merchants. EZToken can be transferred or exchanged against fiat currency on the universal coin trading market.

EZToken allows merchants to offer coupon, e-voucher, gift card or launching promotion campaign through our platform.

3. What is the difference between EZToken and Ethereum (ETH)?

EZToken is specifically developed for transactions and commercial applications. That’s why EZToken is being developed to build smart-contract modules to maximize the computing efficiency required for completing transactions on a timely basis.

The existing general-use Ethereum are not designed for those purposes.

4.What can EZToken do?

Like any other cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum), EZToken is a digital asset that can be staked, peer to peer transferred or traded in major coins trading platform.

Our first step is to utilize blockchain technology to revolutionize the Customer Loyalty Services.

5.What is the background company behind EZToken?

EZToken is being developed with the blockchain technology by a world-class team from Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Spain and UK. EZSolution is a strong established business structure with 6 years’ experiences, 130 employees across 8 offices in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. We are providing 3 different product lines cloud-based Point-Of-Sales solution for more than 10,000 stores, with 4.5 millions of transactions per month and more than USD 1 billion per year.

6.What are our team’s advantages?

Compared to typical crypto-currency startups, EZToken team has 2 major differences: Firstly, we have a team that is highly experienced with retails commerce & cloud-based technology (with average of more than 10 years of experience at leading cloud-based platforms), hence our best position to develop & execute solutions for commercial applications.

Secondly, EZSolution has grown to a very significant scale since its launching 5 years ago with 50% yearly growth rate accumulating 45,000 active users and more than 4M contacts database.

7.Why EZToken blockchain have its own currency?

EZToken is being developed to be a highly liquid currency and compatible with all applications running on our EZ Marketing and Loyalty Platform. It can also be mined to incentivize participants in the ecosystem. As a result, merchants can easily acquire EZToken on our internal trading platform to use Marketing services.

8.Where do I store EZToken?

EZToken can be stored in an eWallet - which is a mobile application downloadable from our website. The eWallet apps is a strong secured medium designed to store any digital assets (voucher, coupon, gift) and popular crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin or Ether and EZToken.

9.How do I get EZToken?

By investing in the Initial Coin Offer period, you can acquire an amount of EZToken to stake in your eWallet.

By earning EZToken as Loyalty Points when you buy products or services from any merchants participating in the community of EZ Loyalty Platform which are stamped with the logo EZ.

By trading in the universal coin trading platform.

10.When will the token generation event start?

The public ICO' date is fixed on January 01, 2018 and will last until all pre-minted token sold or on January 21, 2018, whichever term arrives first. If you are interested in the pre ICO event, please contact us to benefit from earlier investor welcome bonus.